SatelliteVis: A Journey to the World of Artificial Satellites

An interactive information visualization for the satellites orbiting earth.

Motivated by one of my favorite books - Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

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Lost in Dream

A room escape game based on Unity3D

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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Tunable Agents

In this project, we implemented a Deep entropy-augmented Q-Learning for two-player zero-sum/collaborative games and applied it on a high-dimensional state space Pursue-evasion game. We successfully showed that by tuning parameters, we can control the level of performance of agents.

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Understanding the Role of Indoor Navigation Using Heads-up-display in Sparse Order Picking


  • A Google Glass app serves as an order picking assisting tool that provides real-time indoor navigation and order picking information to the end user.

  • An Android app that tracks the user's location and head rotation to provide fine-grained indoor navigation for user study purpose.

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OptoRoom - A 3D Interactive Design Toolkit for Ubiquitous Optical Sensing Surfaces


  • Provide a scalable and time-saving way to support researchers simulate highly customized optical sensors, such as different spectral responsivity and field of view.

  • Understand what potentials it holds if optical sensors (such as OptoSense) are deployed in large quantity to the entire room.

  • Provide a set of prefabs and C# scripts to help researchers quickly set up a “real-world sized” room with groups of optical sensors for simulation use (e.g. find out a reasonable layout of lights and sensors before real-world implementation).

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Self-implemented Speech Recognition Systems, Own Synthetic Voice and A Complete Spoken Dialog System


  • Spoken Dialog System: An Amazon Alexa pizza order system based on speech interaction

  • Implementation of related speech recognition and synthesizing systems.

[Github Link]

A 5-Stage Pipeline MIPS CPU.


  • Support AXI bus with random delay

  • 32-entry TLB

  • Exception and interruption support

  • CP0

  • Hand-written Multiplier and Divider

  • Test on FPGA with benchmark Coremark and Dhrystone: Ranking top 10% (groups)

[Github Link]

Self-implemented Core OS Functions


  • Bootloader

  • Core functions of Non-Preemptive/Preemptive Kernel

  • Synchronization primitives, IPC mechanism - mailbox and related system calls

  • Virtual memory management

  • File system based on FUSE

[Github Link]